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Rooftop Lightweight Planting Mix

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Our latest product, the Rooftop Lightweight Planting Mix, has been designed specifically for elevated rooftops and high-rise apartments and green roof planting projects. Elevate your urban oasis to new heights with our lightweight and high-quality mix.

Our Rooftop Mix is carefully formulated to be lightweight, making it ideal for rooftop gardens and high-rise locations. We understand the unique challenges of these settings, which is why we have created a blend that combines the perfect balance of ingredients for optimal plant growth and water management.

For your convenience, our Rooftop Mix is available in handy-to-use bulk bags and 40-litre bags (available upon request). Whether you have a small rooftop terrace or a large-scale green roof project, our bags can be easily craned into high-rise locations, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free installation process.

What makes our Rooftop Planting Mix stand out is its superior composition. It contains a blend of high-quality soil ingredients, including zeolite and pumice, chosen for their lightweight properties and ability to retain moisture. This combination promotes optimal drainage, root development, and healthy plant growth, even in challenging rooftop environments.

Note: For more information and specific bag size requests, please feel free to reach out to our team. Please email for commercial quantities over 5m3