One Ton Bulk Bags

We can package any bulk landscaping or garden product
Over the years we have packed products such as:

  • topsoil
  • gap20, gap40 & gap65
  • all types of roading materials
  • decorative river stones of all shapes, colours and sizes
  • garden mulch
  • sand - all manner of sands from paving sand, to blocklayers sand
  • and aggregates from all over New Zealand

Hiab or Crane Lift Transport
We can co-ordinate transport requirements to meet any deadline. Often tricky sites require a lift over houses, fences or garages. Shipping times with barges or flight times with helicopters can be arranged. 

Bespoke or Custom Bagging & Filling
Where weight limits are paramount our “Big Bulk Bags” which are commonly known also as one ton bags, can be filled or measured by weight or cubic volume. A detailed quote with weights being supplied will be available pre-purchase. Sometimes if access is completely unsuitable for hiab delivery of bulk bags (sometimes also know as sling bags) then carriable bags are your only option. Our carriable bag range of bags from 10kg to 30kg are a more labour intensive option for the end user in terms of having to carry the bags, but will save a lot of shoveling and wheelbarrow labour on the front end of the job.

Auckland, Hamilton, & Wellington
We will have a yard or depot close to all main centres listed above. We also are able to distribute New Zealand wide.

Please email us on with specific quote or bulk bag job requirements.