Collection: Aggregate Range

Bag Boys offers a wide range of bagged aggregate products New Zealand wide. All our products are sourced within New Zealand from industry leading quarries and suppliers. Ideal to give any building, blocklaying, paving, plastering or tiling project a professional finish.
13 products
  • Base Course (Gap 20)
    Base Course (Gap 20)
  • Scoria 25/7mm
    Scoria 25/7mm
  • Base Course (Gap 7)
    Base Course (Gap 7)
  • Sandpit Sand
    Sandpit Sand
  • Scoria Sap 7
    Scoria Sap 7
  • Plaster and Pave Joint Sand
    Plaster and Pave Joint Sand
  • Paving Sand
    Paving Sand
  • Drainage Fine
    Drainage Fine
  • Builders Mix BM7
    Builders Mix BM7
  • Builders Mix BM20
    Builders Mix BM20
  • Bricklayers Sand
    Bricklayers Sand
  • Blocklayers Sand
    Blocklayers Sand
  • Base Course (Gap 40)
    Base Course (Gap 40)