Flood Control Sandbags

Flood Control Sandbags
Bag Boys is able to supply a range of sand bags, these are typically bagged into hessian sacks (like the old potato sack, shown in the picture on the right) although woven polypropylene (like a typical rice sack, on the left) is also available. Stack them up to provide a temporary solution to any flooding problem.

Sand bags for flooding

We can provide from one sandbag to several thousand as required. Either bags type (woven polypropylene or hessian) bags can alternatively be used for retaining jobs using either sand or soil. Various bag sizes are available from carriable 20kg options through to large one ton bulk bags.

Bags are usually delivered on pallets (typically 40 per pallet) and unloaded off the truck via hiab, forklift or crane.

Please email us on info@bagboys.co.nz with any further questions.