Sandbags For Gazebo Weights & Flooding

Depending on what usage you have for sand bags there is a type and size to meet every occasion. In New Zealand sandbags get used for a wide array of usages. The most common we get asked for are listed below.

  • A sandbag storm-water or creek diversion
  • A sand bag growing medium wall
  • Retaining walls made from sand bags stacked up in series to construct a sand wall to be planted into
  • Movie or TV series props. Movie props like world war setting bunker made from sand bags like a military style bunker or shelter
  • Soundproofing. Typically 2 to 3 bags thick is ample to noise proof or sound proof a dedicated area
  • Simply to anchor something down from blowing the wind like a lightweight gazebo or simple shelter

A typical trailer load in NZ is going to hold about 30-40 sand bags.

As a weight or anchor for holding things down the woven polypropylene sand bag is probably the most requested. This bag can take the knocks as it is very robust and will withstand New Zealand's harsh UV environment. Holding down signs, walkway barriers, gazebos or temporary shelters is most common requests we get. Typically 2-3 bags per "anchor" (if sand is bagged to 20kg) will suit the job.

Sand Bag For Gazebo Weights

The type of sand used in the bag is largely irrelevant. At Bag Boys as a rule we will use river sand for this purpose. Bags can either be wired tied or stitched closed. Heat sealed if a plastic bag is used.

Protect your property from water runoff from neighbouring property or higher ground. Often once a storm or flood hits it is often too late to do anything about it, be prepared. Sandbagging is time consuming and getting the bags and materials to the correct location logistically can often mean the damage is done well before the first bag is filled. Flooding and protection of your valuables and belongings is paramount, the cost of a few pallets delivered diverting water with sandbags is minimal to the financial damage water can do. Bags are often used to shore up embankments, providing support to loose earth, potential landslides or embankments that are at risk of slipping due to wet weather.

We carry in stock a large range of pre-filled sandbags, usually a few hundred at a time. These are sold by the pallet load only. Kerbside delivery is standard. Hiab or crane truck delivery can be arranged on request. I.e. over a fence or up a sloping section or embankment.  

We can supply 3 different types of filled bag.

  • plastic bag or LDPE bag (type 4 plastic)
  • woven polypropylene bag (type 4 plastic)
  • hessian bag 

Bags are typically stack on pallets for transport and shrink wrapped to avoid movement during transportation.

For difficult access building sites to tricky residential locations we can use either crane truck or hiab as commonly referred to or a mobile forklift (FYI: which typically can’t go on grassed areas). The ability of a crane truck/hiab to lift product up onto multi level locations or inclined terrain is advantageous and saves a lot of labour time.

As a residential usage 20-40 bags is often sufficient to diver water or flash flooding to divert water to other areas. Hessian, jute or burlap as its sometimes referred to are best bag type for this purpose. 

We sell sand bags by the pallet load and can deliver to nearly any location in New Zealand from our locations in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington. We will deliver less than a pallet load on request, please contact us with your requests.